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    Cillian Murphy on Peaky Blinders co-star Tom Hardy (aka the Bogie to his Bacall) (X)

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    My cat brought us a present today.  I have never seen a rabbit SO angry. 


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    5 years ago, Iniesta became Don Andres (6/05/09)

    Wayne Rooney and Samuel Eto’o didn’t call Andres Iniesta the world’s greatest player for nothing. Since debuting for Barcelona’s senior team in 2002, Andres Iniesta has maintained a steady rise to the top of soccer’s food chain. His ability to play nearly every position on the pitch and his masterful technical skills have helped Barcelona become one of the most dominant teams of the decade. The goal he scored in the final minutes of the Champions League semifinal against Chelsea to put his team through to the finals will be remembered for years to come.

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    "I had a husky who was raised with cats, and thought she was fucking cat. She even sat like a cat, with her arms and legs tucked under herself."

    TOO. MUCH.

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    The ground-breaking metamorphosis scene in the Michael Jackson short film ‘Black or White’ released in 1991

    this is still pretty groundbreaking and its been almost 22 years

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    adorable Cumbernapkin

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  9. Kimi Raikkonen | Senna Tribute, Imola 2014

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